How to choose a part-time or casual job

How to choose a part-time or casual job

Learn How to choose a part-time or casual job.

Location and transport

You need to consider how far you would be willing to travel to work and how you would get to work. Is the work place accessible by public transport or do you need to drive there? If so can you drive and do you have a car? It’s best if you can travel quickly, easily and safely to and from work.

Type of work

There are so many different types of jobs out there. Some require manual labor, standing all day, sitting all day, being in the sun, being stuck inside, dealing with customers, working on computers and so on. You should consider you own personal preference and tolerance when it comes to the type of work you choose.

Flexibility of working hours

You need to consider how flexible the work environment will be. Can you fit this job around your school or university study? Will you be easily able to get time off for study and exams when necessary? Do you want to work in a place with many employees so it’s easier to replace your shift if need be or in an environment where there’s only a small number of staff and you’re more difficult to replace if you need time off? What hours is the work place open e.g. 9am-5pm Monday to Friday or 24/7? This will impact what hours you can work.

You should also consider if you want to work casual or part-time. Part-time employees have set hours per week but are paid a lower hourly rate compared to casual employees due to other benefits including pro-rata leave entitlements. Casual employment is more flexible without set required hours and you receive a higher hourly rate of pay to compensate for the lack of leave entitlements etc.

Relevance to your career

You should consider if the part-time job has any relevance to your career ambitions. Not all part-time or casual jobs need to be related to your future career field, you may just need any job to get some money to make it through university. However considering the skills you’ll gain from your part-time or casual job can be an important factor to consider when applying for internships and graduate positions.

Reputation and credibility of employer

Another thing to consider is the reputation and credibility of the employer. Will you be safe at work and paid correctly? Sometimes you may have difficulty ensuring you’re paid on time and the correct amount when working for smaller employers who aren’t as strictly governed as large corporations. You should also assess the working conditions and environment to ensure you will be safe in your workplace.

People you work with

Something to consider is the people you want work with. We spend a lot of time at our jobs and working with great people makes your life so much better. It’s usually fun to work with others your own age as you become friends.

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