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Why don’t recruiters call when they say they will?

Why don’t recruiters call when they say they will?

Have you ever had a recruiter make a commitment to call with feedback by a certain date – but they never did? Read on to see what the possible reasons are.

What Makes A Good Phone Interview?

Good phone interview

A phone interview is one of your first opportunities to create a good impression. Want to know what makes a good phone interview?

20 interview questions you need to be prepared to answer

Interview Questions

Need to prepare for an upcoming interview? View the 20 questions that you need to be prepared for.

Soft and Hard Skills: What you need to know

Artilce - soft and hard skills

Want to know what soft and hard skills are and how you can effectively demonstrate them in your application process?

Behavioural based interview questions: be a STAR

Behavioural based interview questions

Do you want to know how to effectively answer behavioural based interview questions? This article explains how you can structure your responses.

Seek Candidate Profile: The Facts

Seek Candidate Profile

Wondering what a ‘Seek Profile’ is? This article will explain what a seek profile is, the different settings that can be activated, and ways it can be used to your advantage.

Job Applications: Tips From A Recruiter

Job application tips

This article outlines some useful tips and strategies that you can apply during your search for a new role.

Interview preparation made easy

Interview Preparation

Have you got a job interview coming up? This article outlines useful strategies that you can implement during your preparation to help ace the interview.

Surviving the graduate recruitment season

Graduate Recruitment

Trying to navigate the graduate recruitment season? Read on for useful tips, methods and tricks that will help you survive.