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Unpaid Internships – Are they worth it?

Unpaid Internships - Are they worth it?

Read on to decide if unpaid internships are worth it. Includes the reasons why organisations engage unpaid interns and ways to identify the good from the bad.

20 interview questions you need to be prepared to answer

Interview Questions

Need to prepare for an upcoming interview? View the 20 questions that you need to be prepared for.

Soft and Hard Skills: What you need to know

Artilce - soft and hard skills

Want to know what soft and hard skills are and how you can effectively demonstrate them in your application process?

Behavioural based interview questions: be a STAR

Behavioural based interview questions

Do you want to know how to effectively answer behavioural based interview questions? This article explains how you can structure your responses.

Things you should know about your first internship


Are you a current or aspiring intern? This article, as discussed by an ex-intern outlines the things you should know that will help you along the way.

Surviving the graduate recruitment season

Graduate Recruitment

Trying to navigate the graduate recruitment season? Read on for useful tips, methods and tricks that will help you survive.