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How to save money on your young employee salary

how to save money

How to save money if you’re trying to save for your next travel adventure, to buy a property or for whatever your heart desires.

20 interview questions you need to be prepared to answer

Interview Questions

Need to prepare for an upcoming interview? View the 20 questions that you need to be prepared for.

How to market yourself if you have no experience

No Experience

Frequently jobs advertised as “entry level” ask for years of experience. Sometimes you wonder how you’ll ever get any experience when every job requires you to already have experience.

How to choose a part-time or casual job

How to choose a part-time or casual job

There are many factors to consider when choosing a part-time or causal job – location, transport, flexibility, type and employer reputation to name a few.

How to write a stand out cover letter

Cover leter

Want to know how to create or improve your cover letter? This article outlines the essential components of a cover letter to make it stand out.

How to create an effective LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Profile

Do you want employers to come to you? LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly popular means of recruitment. Read on for a useful guide on how to create and improve your profile

Things you should know about your first internship


Are you a current or aspiring intern? This article, as discussed by an ex-intern outlines the things you should know that will help you along the way.

Surviving the graduate recruitment season

Graduate Recruitment

Trying to navigate the graduate recruitment season? Read on for useful tips, methods and tricks that will help you survive.