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Our mission is to empower the next generation of employees

The Young Employee was established with one simple intention – to empower the next generation of employees. We know first hand how hard it is for young Australians to catch a break in the increasingly competitive employment market. Whether you’re trying to land that dream graduate role, your first part time job or looking for insights on how to succeed in you new role, we can help!

As young employees ourselves we have loads of knowledge and experience to share. We are a career blog focusing on the recruitment process and careers for young employees. We also offer services to improve your resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

About the Co-founders


Experience and Education

(Audit Graduate at Big 4 Accounting Firm)

A young employee – I’m currently working as an Audit Graduate at a Big 4 Accounting Firm. As an auditor it’s my role to ensure that company’s financial reports are free from material error so that people can place reliance on these reports.

In this role I have developed broad business knowledge due to exposure to a variety of international and ASX listed companies. On a daily basis I analyse business and financial information which requires solving complex problems, decision making and meticulous attention to detail. My role is highly client focused and involves building strong client relationships, resilience and adaptability.

I have a lot of experience in internship positions and casual jobs gained throughout university and high school.

Whilst studying at university I completed three internships:

  1. Economic advice at a government organisation
  2. Management accounting at an automotive company
  3. Financial reporting at a big 4 Australian retail bank

During university I also worked in accounting administration at a fast food company and a construction company. I had many jobs throughout high school including a fast food team member, a children's birthday party leader and a receptionist.

Bachelor of Commerce graduate from The University of New South Wales with majors in Accounting and Economics.

Currently studying to be a Chartered Accountant.


 My Skills


Interest and motivation

From a young age I was attracted to getting a job to gain independence and learn new skills. Even before I had started university I was already concerned about the possibility of being unemployed as a graduate.

From this moment I was driven towards pursuing every opportunity to improve my employment prospects and it was this determination that lead me to overcome setbacks and receive multiple graduate employment offers.

I’m driven, focused, logical, detail oriented and I enjoy continuously learning and sharing what I’ve learnt with others. I am passionate about this website because I want to share the knowledge I've gained throughout my journey and create a community of like-minded young employees to support each other.


Experience and Education

(Recruitment Consultant at leading Agency)

A young employee – I’m currently working as a Recruitment Consultant at one of the world’s leading recruitment agencies. I am highly experienced in all aspects of the recruitment process. A typical day in my job involves screening a high volume of candidates through techniques such as resume screening, phone interviews, face to face interviews, online testing, skill verification checklists, and reference checks. I do this with the intent of matching companies’ unique requirements with suitable candidates.

Whilst studying at University I worked part time as a manager at a leading fast food franchise. In my final semester of University I undertook a Human Resource Management Internship – working at a global document technology company. In this role I was exposed to several core functions of HR including Recruitment, Training and Development, and HR administrative duties.

Graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Commerce - majoring in Human Resources Management


 My Skills

Dan skills 2

Interest and motivation

For a long time I've had a passion for recruitment and HR. Every day in my current role I see firsthand how crucial the functions of recruitment and HR are to the ongoing success of an organisation. I get great satisfaction out of contributing to the success of individuals and organisations alike.

I’m relationship-orient, resilient, collaborative and enjoy helping and mentoring others. I co-founded this website because I remember how hard it can be to start out. I would like to be able to help the next generation of young employees by guiding them through the process.

Our combined industry experience and role types 

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What People Are Saying About Us

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Meredith Graduate - Big 4 Accounting Firm

"The Young Employee provided me with valuable insights into how to succeed in the recruitment process and consequently helped me secure a job in the big 4. From helping me improve my resume to providing me with tips to stand out in assessment centres and interviews, I not only got one job offer but two from the big 4."

Eden Uni Student / Casual Retail Worker

"I sent my resume in to be improved by The Young Employee and not only did they improve it but they brought it up to a very high professional standard that makes me much more confident in my ability to get a job. The service was quick, professional and efficient and I would definitely come back if I needed help creating a cover letter or adapting my resume to future graduate positions."

Sheridan High School Student

"I submitted a list of my experience and extracurricular activities from high school to The Young Employee and they sent me back a really professional resume that I'll be able to use to search for part time jobs."


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