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Submit your resume or cover letter to The Young Employee and we’ll take care of the hard work for you. We offer services to improve your resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. As young employees ourselves we have loads of knowledge and experience to share.

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Meredith Graduate - Big 4 Accounting Firm

"The Young Employee provided me with valuable insights into how to succeed in the recruitment process and consequently helped me secure a job in the big 4. From helping me improve my resume to providing me with tips to stand out in assessment centres and interviews, I not only got one job offer but two from the big 4."

Eden Uni Student / Casual Retail Worker

"I sent my resume in to be improved by The Young Employee and not only did they improve it but they brought it up to a very high professional standard that makes me much more confident in my ability to get a job. The service was quick, professional and efficient and I would definitely come back if I needed help creating a cover letter or adapting my resume to future graduate positions."

Sheridan High School Student

"I submitted a list of my experience and extracurricular activities from high school to The Young Employee and they sent me back a really professional resume that I'll be able to use to search for part time jobs."